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About the Hive

The Hive Ocean Grove brings together a unique mix of sculpture, furniture and paintings made by local artists.

Willie Wildlife Sculptures

Will has always been passionate about wildlife and worked in National Parks in Northern Australia and East Africa before he began sculpting 15 years ago. He specialises in making bronze birdbaths to suit any setting with designs including frogs, fish and native birds.

William Linford

Bill has a unique style. His paintings in oil are bright and bold, and often full of symbolism with a touch of the surreal, or portrayals of humans, our similarities and differences and what it means to be together.

His work can be found in private collections around the world.

Auld Design

Beautifully handcrafted furniture with contemporary designs to suit any space in your house. The quality and attention to details is exceptional. To see more examples of Auld Design, visit us at The Hive.

Lucy McEachern

Lucy McEachern is a renowned, bronze sculptor drawing inspiration from her rural Australian surroundings and demonstrating her affinity with the local birdlife. Lucy’s bird sculptures are tactile and uniquely styled. Her work can be found in galleries throughout Australia and collections worldwide.

Wayne Elliott

Wayne Elliott is an Australian artist who has been creating colourful and vibrant artworks for over thirty years. Wayne has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, North America and Europe in corporate, private galleries and collections.

Georgie Gall

Georgie captures the changing Australian landscape with rich and interesting colors as well as unique textures in her paintings. She has a very free style to her work.

Pam Wilson

Pam started her artistic journey with silver-smithing before sculpting where she uses many of the same techniques. They are the types of pieces that make perfect table centre-pieces.

Richard Weatherly

Richard Weatherly OAM is regarded as one of the world’s finest bird artists. His attention to detail is exquisite.

He is also an experienced naturalist, biologist and conservationist and this knowledge is portrayed in his art.

Tim Henshall

Tim Henshall’s photography artistically portrays detail of man’s impact on the environment. He questions what our consumption has both given and taken.


Vayu’s work on canvas begins with a drawing. He captures the soul of his subject, usually animals portrayed in a distinct style.

Vayu is both artist and poet and every painting contains a thoughtful title.

Pam Connelly

Pam completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Deakin in the 90’s. Her life has been surrounded by sea and the theme of light, movement, energy and the visual indicators of energy like mist and cloud are still a focus.

Jill Barber Richardson

Jill has spent a life on the land and is inspired by all the animals that are so familiar to her. Jill captures the soul and life of each subject with her magnitude of size and detail of her images.

Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna works primarily in oil on canvas. Her still life paintings are driven by bold colour and simple form. Anna believes that art must be guided by instinct, and is concerned primarily with depicting a feeling evoked by nature rather than mirroring nature itself.

Margaret Delahunty Spencer

Margaret creates abstract works on linen where she explores “the gesture”. Her inspiration is varied but currently features the microscopic world abounding in the waterways and nature surrounding us.

Michael Pithie

Michael enjoys many elements of design from Landscape Designing, painting and sculpture. He is currently exploring the bronze medium and inspired by organic forms in his sculpture.

Lance Nutt

Lance is a mixed media artist and art teacher and has also been practicing the art of bonsai for over 15 years. He showcases some of his oldest creations here, including a Chinese Juniper, a 50 year old English Oak, Firethorn, English Elm species and more.

Martin Goldin

Martin Goldin is a member of the Association of Sculptors Victoria, and recently received an Honorable Mention for his work Carmen at their Annual awards 2017. He is self taught and predominantly sculpts in wood initially, then selected wooden sculptures are cast in bronze.

Kylie Sirett

Kylie draws inspiration for her intimate still life works from her immediate surroundings, drawing attention to light and it’s effect on surfaces and textures. Using common household objects, Kylie’s compositions highlight not only their aesthetic beauty through colour, form and light but also their relationship to one another and the space they individually hold.

John Wheeler 

John Wheeler is a local glass artist and highly regarded cinematographer.  His glass work is kiln formed, and constructed from layers of glass. The colours are achieved with glass powders and the colour designs are both embedded within and also on the surface to create an extra sense of depth.

Alexandra Lewisohn 

Alexandra Lewisohn graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramics.

Alexandra is concentrating presently on flower paintings inspired by her garden. She delights in the delicate detail which gouache helps to achieve as well as the rich spontaneity of oils.

As well as still life painting she does figure paintings, landscapes and paintings of inner Melbourne and urban settings and uses various mediums depending on the demands of her subject. She also does ceramics.

Dougal Ramsay 

Dougal Ramsay is an illustrator from Queenscliff. He has been a contributor to “The Age” newspaper and author & illustrator of his own book on the small holding farmer. Dougal is a passionate advocate of preserving our Australian rural and suburban culture; much of which is disappearing.

Lois Basham 

Lois Basham has completed a Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen, a figurative sculpture course in London and is currently enrolled at RMIT Melbourne. Lois is a member of the Association of Sculptors Victoria, exhibiting with them regularly.

Lois works both in ceramics and bronze

Ataahua Tables

David Henderson is an artist and furniture manufacturer based at Maryborough, central Victoria.

His recycled tables offer plenty of texture and interest with filled nail holes, gum nuts & sap veins within their refined finish. David also creates totally unique design tables made with the age old craft of marquetry.  Exotic woods featuring rich colours and grains are mixed with Australian hardwood frames. Each piece is initialed and dated.

Sarah Boulton

A Fine Art graduate from RMIT, Sarah Boulton has always painted.

Her work reflects a love of pattern and texture and the way Sarah sees, feels and experiences the world around her. In particular the local bushland in central Victoria where she now lives is a powerful influence. It has also encouraged Sarah’s work to become more abstract.


Opening Hours

10-4pm Friday to Sunday.

Other times by appointment –  Call Karen on 0417 116 216

30 minutes from Geelong

1hr 30 minutes from Melbourne